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The region of Languedoc-Roussillon Sud de France is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the north of Spain. Diverse natural, historic, cultural and gastronomic assets are the hallmark that gives Languedoc-Roussillon its very special character. Holidays in this region are a rich experience: a preserved coastline, omnipresent heritage, friendly towns, magnificent back country, countless activities and cuisine from the south of France are all invitations to happiness and sharing. True luxury is actually being there!

With a minimum of 300 days of sunshine during the year and so many places to discover, this southern region of France is the ideal vacation place. Travelling through its departments - Pyrénées-Orientales, Lozère, Aude, Gard and Hérault - you will witness the close links between nature and humans.

Besides 220 km of fine sandy beaches, Languedoc-Roussillon is the only region in France to boast six splendid sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO (the city of Carcassonne, the Canal du Midi, the Vauban fortresses, the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage routes, the Pont du Gard and the Mediterranean agro-pastoral landscapes of Causses and Cévennes).


25 minutes away from Montpellier, Nîmes is home to Roman masterpieces including the best preserved amphitheatre from the Roman era, the Magne Tower and the Maison Carrée, a temple that dominated the forum of the ancient city. It is the only fully-preserved temple of the ancient world. Its harmonious proportions, elegant columns and the finesse of its architecture are simply a delight. Enjoy the rest of the day in the city centre while enjoying the relaxing and peaceful Mediterranean atmosphere.

Nîmes > Sète

On the second day, take the TER to Sète (45 min trip), a port town cleaved by canals, wedged between the Thau lagoon and the Mediterranean Sea. Prepare yourself for a 1-hour walk to the top of Mont Saint-Clair to admire the town from above. Besides the exceptional views, discover the cross of St Clair and the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette. Afterwards, head back to the covered market in the town centre to discover its local ambiance. Have a break by sipping a Picpoul wine accompanied by a few oysters. Continue your culinary delight at L’Entonnoir, a fabulous restaurant whose dishes are timed to meet the day’s catch.

Sète > Cerbère

Dedicate two days to visit 3 charming locations on the southernmost coast of the region. Take a TER from Sète to reach Port-Vendres (1h53 min trip, via Narbonne). The little town is located near the Bay of Paulilles, which unwinds through vineyards facing the sea. Visit the Clos de Paulilles to taste the local delicacies such as the Filets de rascasse en piperade (fish dish). On the next day, take the TER to Banyuls-sur-Mer (6 min trip) where you can visit the house of artist Aristide Maillol, with its forty bronze and terracotta statues, along with drawings and paintings. Next, catch a train to Cerbère (11 min trip) to discover its natural marine reserve which spreads up to the north of Spain.

Gastronomy & Wine

With its exceptional diversity, local towns and villages are ideal to discover Languedoc-Roussillon Sud de France natural, historic, cultural and gastronomic assets.

Wine with unequalled quality

Languedoc-Roussillon Sud de France wines are as diverse as the region including red, white, rosé, naturally fortified and sparkling wines. Astonishingly characteristic, rooted in the generous terroir and sunny climate, these wines reflect the land in which they are produced. With 30 appellations, from everyday wines to the finest crus, Sud de France wines all have a genuine quality that makes them unsurpassable and yet accessible. The best way to savour organically grown crops and vineyard products is to stay at a rural gîte, a bed and breakfast or in one of the many traditional inns that have been restored and transformed into comfortable hotels.

Gastronomic delights

Languedoc-Roussillon Sud de France also offers a multitude of refined culinary specialities. These include cassoulet from Castelnaudary, anchovies from Collioure, brandade from Nîmes, pélardon from the Cévennes, rousquilles cookies from Vallespir, le Bleu des Causses as well as oysters from Leucate, Gruissan and Bouzigues. The range of flavours available is certainly not limited to this list. For a family dinner, a drink among friends, an impromptu meal or a simple picnic, the region has food and wine for every occasion. Thanks to the diversity of its agricultural products, the culinary tradition of Languedoc-Rousillon Sud de France is strongly rooted in Mediterranean cuisine which combines the pleasure of eating with a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet.

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