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Liverpool, The Beatles, football, and so much more!

Liverpool is getting a facelift. Sparkling new buildings are taking shape alongside the spruced-up Albert Docks, home to fashionable bars and boutiques. Get yourself to a gig in this breeding ground for musical talent, or catch a game in one of England’s most football-mad cities.

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Liverpool owns the largest port in the world. Take a stroll on the docks and especially the Albert Docks where stand a large number of picturesque buildings, listed historical monuments. This is were the Beatles lovers will appreciate discovering the museum "The Beatles Story".

Liverpool owns two cathedrals among which the Anglican cathedral named "Church of Christ". You will be amazed by this gothic monument, the largest cathedral of the Great-Britain. If you are fond of art, you should discover the National Museums Liverpool which brings together eight museums and represents the widest national collection outside London.

Don’t miss the sublime neo-classic St Georges Hall in the "cultural area"

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