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Chaumont, the Champagne region promises you more than a drink…

If you visit the eastern part of France, passing through the Champagne Ardennes region, you will find the 20.000 inhabitants town of Chaumont. Crossed by the Suize river and the Marne river, it offers pleasant walking and even tours by boat.

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Chaumont provides an important festival, the one of posters and graphic art. The rest of the year, you can enjoy the museum of art and history, have a walk around the railway viaduct, or visit the creche museum.

If you like medieval castles, you will be pleased to discover the 11th and 12th century keep, 45 metres high, that used to belong to the counts of Champagne that set in here in the 10th century. Strolling around, you may admire beautiful buildings such as the Town Hall, dating back to the 18th century.

You also should visit St John the Baptist basilica, erected during the early 13th century.

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Travel from chaumont to avignon on 14 july 2014. when will the ticket be avalble? My wife and I will be visting family in Chaumont and then traveling to Avignon. The date of our travel is 14 July 2014. When will I be able to buy these tickets?

James B. | 2014/04/16 answered | 0 Comments

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