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Agde, the perfect destination to feel free!

Located in the sunny Languedoc-Roussillon region, in southern France, Agde is a 28 000 inhabitants city on winter, but a 200 000 if you come during the summer! It is one of the most important marina of the mediterranean sea.

About France

The oldest part of the city dates back to the 5th century before Christ. So if you have a walk across the city you should see the ramparts, which are among the eldest ones in France.

But the particularity of the city you must know before coming is that it possesses an independant naturist camp in which you will find banks, shops, marina, restaurants and malls ! For heritage lovers, do not miss the amazing UNESCO listed round lock. You should also stroll along the "Canal du midi", UNESCO listed to, that provides pleasant walks.

This one links the Garonne river to the mediterrnean sea and dates back to the 17th century.

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  • Value for money
    Homeward bound | Lesley r. | 2015/08/13
    "We enjoyed travelling on the train and would recommended it as a great way to travel on holiday, it was very relaxing, the trains were comfortable and always on time. "

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    Good choice inside Europe ! | Ricarda Loredana i. | 2015/08/11
    "An excellent decision when i has chosen traveling by Train inside Europe. It's on time, comfortable, convenient as price, no baggage restrictions, beautiful view in front of your eyes, eat and drink when you want and what you have with you, bar restaurant available... In one word's great !!! Go for this option instead to use plane, you can book your tickets on line and you'll receive the original paper tickets anywhere in this world, enjoy your trip :) "

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    Incredible Voyage | Kathleen g. | 2014/07/02
    "The trip via TGV from Paris Gare Lyon to Narbonne was incredible. The train was clean, smooth riding with comfortable seats and leg room. It was the fastest I ever traveled that close to the earth! The return trip from Agde to Paris Gare Lyon was also an incredible voyage. At all destinations, help was available and courteous,but the waiting lines were extremely long and very time consuming to some of the people in our party. We had some problem in confirming our reservations, but when we finally reached the proper person, he problem was solved. I give the TGV a five (5) star rating in all three (3) areas! "

  • Value for money
    French Railway on Strike | Wai Tak w. | 2014/06/29
    "i waited for 5 hours for the train because of the strike the train kept delaying. "

  • Value for money
    Baggage and announcements | Michael w. | 2013/08/07
    "We found the lack of enough suitcase storage space very annoying. This meant we had to drag our suitcases down the aisle sideways as there was not enough space in the aisle to wheel them along. People were forced to leave their suitcases near exit doors, which made it difficult and dangerous to get on and off the train. The racks above the seats were also too small to store anything larger than a small backpack. In all the countries we traveled through on previous trips to Europe, announcements on the trains were made first in that country's language and then in English. EXCEPT in France..Tthis is still the case!!!..the only announcement made in English was which carriage had the cafeteria. The French need to realise that English is the universal language!!!!!!!!!!! "